Sunday, October 7, 2012

Raking Leaves

Sorry I haven't posted in so long... I think it's been over a month! I've been super busy with school and homework, but this week we have a four-day weekend, so I've finally had some free time.
But of course, before I could do what I wanted, Zoe and I had to help my mom rake the lawn so my dad could mow. Zoe and I carried on our annual tradition of making a leaf maze. You can't see it so well in the picture, but it was really big! It covered almost the entire lawn!
After we had run it a few times, Dad came out and told us that we had to rake it up so he could mow. Zoe groaned, but I didn't care. After all, the whole fun of the leaf maze was making it. Besides, there were plenty more leaves on the trees around the lawn, and they'd be falling pretty soon.
Mom helped me and Zoe rake all the leaves into one huge pile in the middle of the lawn.
Yesterday, it rained, so the leaves were all wet and slimy. Of course, Zoe didn't care about that. She took a running jump and dove into the pile.
I walked up to her with my nose wrinkled.
"Eww... Zoe, there are probably all kinds of mushrooms and slugs in there. You'll get your clothes all slimy!"
"What do I care about clothes?" she laughed, climbing down from the pile. "Come on, you should try it! It's really fun!"
"No way!" I said, shaking my head and backing up. She rolled her eyes and walked back a few steps to take another jump.
At least, that's where I thought she was going.
Really, she was creeping up behind me, and just as I sensed that there was someone behind me -
- she gave me a big push, right into the pile of wet leaves!
She was laughing hysterically at the look on my face, and didn't notice when I stood up and grabbed her arm, then threw her right back into the pile.
My clothes were already wet after that, so I figured I might as well jump in again. We spent the rest of the afternoon diving into the pile until it wasn't even a pile anymore - just a bunch of wet leaves and bits of grass spread across the lawn. My dad came outside and yelled at us to clean it up . . . or else.
Mom came out with some donuts and hot chocolate for the two of us after the whole pile had been raked into the woods. We sat on the porch while we ate them.
I can't believe it's already October! October means Halloween, and Halloween means trick-or-treating! I'm having trouble deciding what I want to be this year, though. I was thinking maybe a black cat or a ballerina - possibly Tinkerbell. Zoe says she's too old for trick-or-treating, but I told her that no one can be too old for Halloween. You get to dress up and you get free candy! What's not to love?
Are you going trick-or-treating this year? What will you dress up as? What's your favorite part about Halloween?
I'll try to post more often if I can - 6th grade is a lot of fun, but it's also a lot of work!
That's all for now! Thanks for reading!


  1. Dia duit, Charlotte!

    I can't believe Zoe pushed you into the icky leaf pile! One time Jess pushed me into a public pool--clothes and all. Like you, I had a hard time controlling my anger and pushed her in the second I got out...

    For Halloween this year, Kaya, Josefina, and I all decided to dress up as Native Americans (well, Kaya isn't really dressing up...). This will be Kaya and Josefina's first Halloween, and they're super excited!!!


    1. Hi Saoirse!

      I remember reading about that on your blog! Like you, once I had jumped in, I realized that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and I actually ended up having a lot of fun!

      That sounds like fun! I hope I get to see your costumes!

      - Charlotte & Zoe :D

  2. Fun! :) I am going to be a ballerina this year for Halloween.

  3. Hi Charlotte!

    Wow; that looks like a lot of fun. Where I live; are leaves haven't really fallen yet, so we're still waiting to make leaf piles. Some of us are very impatient about it. :) But it's one of my top things to do in the fall.

    For Halloween this year, I'm probably going to be a witch. Melanthe is going as a mermaid (again!) and Rebecca and Lilyana aren't sure yet. Rebecca is thinking about being Anne Boleyn, so Lily might go as her sister, Mary Boleyn. That will be so funny.

    I've awarded you the Versatile blogger award! I think your blog is really fantastic.


    Samantha (And Lilyana, Rebecca, and Melanthe.)

    1. Hi Samantha (and Co)!

      I know what you mean - making leaf piles and mazes are some of my favorite things to do in the fall! Well, those and drinking hot chocolate :)

      Thank you so much! I just read a few posts on your blog - Teeny Tiny Spark - and I already love it!

      - Charlotte (And Zoe)