Thursday, November 8, 2012

US Marine Band

Hi everyone!
As many of you might not know, I'm in the concert band at school. I play the flute mostly, but I can play the piccolo too - just not very well.
Last week, our band teacher told us something very exciting. The US Marine Band - one of the best bands in the nation and the world - was performing at a college nearby on Monday night! I was so excited! He told us that this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and he wanted to see all of us there. Well, I decided, he was going to see me there for sure - I wasn't going to miss this for anything!

When I was getting ready for the concert on Monday night, the phone rang. Mom called up the stairs, "Charlotte! It's for you!"
"Coming!" I replied. I pulled my shirt over my head and sprinted downstairs to grab the phone.
"Hello?" I said, breathless from my dash down the stairs.
"Charlotte? It's Saoirse."
"Saoirse?!" I cried. "Omigosh! I haven't talked to you in so long! How are you? Zoe and I are good. Did I tell you about that time the other day when Zoe and I were raking leaves and -" I started talking very fast, the words spilling over each other.
"Yes, Charlotte, you told me that already," Saoirse cut me off, sighing.
"Oh, that's right. Me and my short-term memory loss!" I laughed. My chronic forgetfulness was an ongoing joke between the two of us. I heard her rather forced laughter on the other end. Well, maybe it was only funny to me. "So, what are you calling about?" 
"Well, my mom got tickets to see the Marine Band and I was wondering if you wanted to come with -" I cut her off with my shrieks.
"Omigosh! I'm going already with my mom - my band teacher told me about it! Isn't it exciting?" I cried.
"Yeah, yeah. I'll see you there," she said, and hung up.
I put down the phone and tore back up the stairs to finish getting dressed.

About a half hour later, my mom pulled into the parking lot at the field house. I leapt out of the car and waited impatiently as she took her time getting out. We joined the long line of mostly old people trying to get through the front door. I waited even more impatiently, bouncing up and down, as the line crawled forward.
Mom and I finally reached the door to the field house, handed a woman our tickets, and then finally, finally, we were inside. I looked quickly around the room, looking for a hint of bright red hair. I didn't see any - the field house was a sea of white heads. I was still looking around anxiously, hoping that Saoirse was going to make it, when I heard someone call behind me.
"Charlotte!" Saoirse yelled.
"Saoirse!" I cried back excitedly, as I turned to see her coming through the door with her mom. "You made it!" I ran over to give her a big hug.
"Yeah, yeah," she said, shrugging out from underneath my arms. "Let's sit down, the concert's about to start."
There wasn't time to say anything else; just then, the announcer cleared his throat into the microphone and silence fell across the auditorium. The four of us found seats near the back - which, unfortunately, made it hard to see anything but the tops of the musicians' heads - and settled in to listen.

My favorite part was the piccolo solo in one of the last songs on the program - four piccolo players stood in the front of the stage where I could actually see them and played an incredibly difficult piece! I had always thought that I was a good piccolo player, but seeing them made me feel so... average. I couldn't imagine ever being able to play that well!

As the audience pushed and shoved to get out the front door after the concert was over, I heard the loud hammering of rain on the roof. I groaned, imagining the long walk out to the car in my nice clothes - I hadn't even brought a raincoat! My mom suggested to me that I take off my nice shoes and make a run for the car. I was averse to that idea at first - what if I stepped on a piece of broken glass or something? But I didn't want to get my favorite shoes all wet and muddy, so I reluctantly agreed.
I gave Saoirse a big bear hug before we stepped out into the rain, and she rather tentatively hugged me back. I gave her a cheery wave and a "hope to see you soon!" as my mom and I flew out into the downpour.
By the time we reached the car, we were drenched and panting, but exhilarated. I had water and sand sprayed up the sides of my legs, but I didn't care - I was washable, and besides, I loved to run, especially in the rain!

I loved going to see the concert, and I would definitely go again if I ever had the chance. It really was amazing!
Have you ever gone to a concert like Saoirse and I did? What was it like?

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!

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