Monday, January 28, 2013

Snow Day!

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in so long - Zoe and I were busy with midterms at our school, and she's had basketball games every weekend, which I have to be dragged around to. That and homework have been taking up my weekends, so I haven't had much free time. That is, until today, when it snowed enough that they called off school! We'd done all of our homework over the weekend, so we had a completely free day stretching ahead of us. After lunch, we decided to take advantage of that fact by going out to play in the newly fallen snow.

It had snowed about a foot last night, and our dad had plowed this morning. Whenever he plows the driveway, he leaves big piles of snow that Zoe and I always build our forts in. A couple of years ago, we even had enough snow to make two igloos, with a tunnel through the snow connecting them! We didn't have enough for that yet, though, so we decided to just build a regular fort.

Zoe ran right up to the enormous pile of snow from Dad's plow.
"Check it out!" she crowed. "Come on, let's climb it!"
"I don't know..." I said warily. "Why don't we go around?"
"Aw, come on - don't be such a sissy!" she laughed, setting her foot into a divot in the snow and beginning to climb. I set out, cautiously, after her.
Zoe scrambled up to the top like a squirrel, long before I had even made it halfway.

"Come on, Char, don't be such a slowpoke!" she called down to me. I gritted my teeth and kept climbing.

Zoe continued to taunt me as I slowly made my way up the mound. Soon, I had had enough of it. Nearing the top, I gathered a handful of snow and packed it into a solid ball. I scrambled up the last few inches, leaped to my feet, and threw it directly at Zoe's face. Through a faceful of snow, she let out an enraged battle cry, and running towards me, she tackled me into the snow - and from this a vicious snowball fight ensued.

Much later, sweaty and covered in snow, Zoe and I called a truce and set off to build our fort.

We found a nice spot near the bushes and began to dig, shaping it like one of those forts that Calvin always makes in the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes; a wall of snow on one side that was big enough to duck behind to avoid an oncoming barrage of snowballs.

After the fort was finished, we dug out a place to store snowballs, and slowly began to stockpile them in anticipation of an attack.
However, none came, and soon we both got bored of sitting in the snow doing nothing. Zoe suggested we break out the sleds, so we slid down the mound we had climbed earlier and went out back to retrieve the sleds from the garden shed.
We brought them around to the front of the house and Zoe announced a race.

"Ready?" she called.
"Set..." I said.
"Go!" we cried in unison, and pushed off the snow on the driveway to start moving.
Zoe was in the lead to begin with, but I took over a few moments into the race.

"Hooray!" I cried, as my sled hit the snow bank at the end of the driveway moments before Zoe's did.
Enraged for a second time, Zoe again tackled me into the snowbank and we again began to pelt each other with snowballs.

As the sun began to fade from the sky - as it does so soon these days - we knocked the snow from our boots and dumped our sleds on the front porch, and headed inside.

Mom immediately made us go up and get into warm clothes, and when we came back downstairs, we found that she had a plate of warm cinnamon buns and two steaming mugs of hot chocolate sitting on the table for us. We carried it all into the living room and wrapped up in a blanket next to the Christmas tree - that we still have up, though it's been over a month since Christmas; my mom hates saying goodbye to things and always keeps the tree up until it barely has any needles left - with Ginger to keep us company.

What's your favorite part about a snow day? The total freedom from homework, having time to play out in the snow all day, coming in from doing so to have a giant mug of hot chocolate, or just that fact that you don't have school? Have you had many this year?

That's all for now! Hopefully I'll have time to post a lot more in the coming month; February break is coming up and I'm hoping that our teachers will decide to lay off on the homework for a while, leaving us plenty of time to blog!
Thanks for reading!

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