Sunday, June 30, 2013

Up to Camp

Hey everybody! I hope your summers are all going great! Though mine's been okay so far, it's been alternately hot/humid and cold/rainy the past few days. However, a couple of days ago, something happened that brightened our summer's outlook considerably - we packed up our clothes, books, art supplies, stuffed animals, and my Josefina doll, and headed up to our summer camp! It's a pretty small house, but it's really cozy and it's got a great screen porch with a hammock in the front. Our bedroom is upstairs, and it's got a window overlooking the lake, which is only about 100 feet beyond our front door! I love coming up for the summer - we can go biking, kayaking, swimming, and hiking for two months, and it's an absolute blast!
After stopping for pizza, it only took about 10 more minutes for us to reach the house. Zoe and I grabbed our bags and boxes from the car the moment it stopped rolling, and ran up to our room to get it set up.

"I claim top bunk!" Zoe cried the instant we had cleared the doorway to our room. I sighed. She always jumps my claim on the top bunk. Just to make sure that her point had been very clearly made, Zoe ran to climb up on the top bunk before I could even enter the room. As she tried to pull herself up without using the ladder - she's never been able to do so, but keeps trying anyway - I divested myself of my luggage at the foot of the bed.

"Zoe!" I cried in exasperation. She had at last resorted to using the ladder, and was now settled very comfortably on the top bunk. She leaned back into the wall, hugging her pillow, and said with contentment - "I love this place!"
"Yeah, yeah," I replied. "I do too. But we need to put away all this stuff before Mom comes up."
"Oh, chill out, Charlotte," she told me dismissively. "It's summer! We'll put away all of our stuff tomorrow!"
"Fine," I said at last. "You can do whatever you want, but I'm going to put away my stuff." I set to doing so, pausing only to give Ginger a boost so she could crawl up the ladder and settle herself in with Zoe.

After I had put away everything of mine, Mom brought up a box of pizza for us to share, and I climbed up to the top bunk so we could share it.

I'd say that the summer is off to a pretty good start! Has summer started for you yet? What are you most looking forward to?

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!

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