Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy (belated) Halloween!

Hey everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long - reentry to school has been a little bumpy so far! But I'm starting to adjust again, and Zoe's soccer season is almost over, so life will hopefully begin to return to normal again soon.

With everything that's been going on around here in the past two months, I've had hardly any time to think about Halloween, let alone try to come up with a costume. But Zoe was away at her soccer playoffs last weekend, and I had some time to myself, so I decided to come up with something.
I ended up being a Halloween fairy. "Moderately lame," Zoe told me when she heard. But I think it's kind of a cute idea, and, well, I couldn't come up with anything better. Besides, once I realized what Zoe was planning to go as, I couldn't believe she had called my costume lame. She was going as a skateboarder, which basically means she dressed up as she usually does and brought her skateboard along with her. Talk about a lack of imagination!
Mom insisted on taking a picture of us before we left the house - several pictures, actually.

I'm particularly proud of the wings. I made the basic structure out of thicker wire, using a picture of butterfly wings that I found online as a template. I took some really fine wire and criss-crossed it over the outline so it looked like the wings were covered with a thin web. The tutu was fun too - I tied some strands of glittery tulle onto a wide ribbon until it was big enough to go around my waist.

Mom let us go at last, and we headed into the mudroom to put on our shoes.

Zoe popped her pumpkin up on the front of her skateboard and pushed her way over to the door, despite Mom's protest that she would scratch up the kitchen floor. It sat there grinning evilly, seemingly pleased that it was getting a ride.

On our way out the front door, I stopped to give our pumpkin a pat, which we wouldn't carve until later that night. We have a compost garden in our backyard, and without our even trying, every year tomato plants and raspberry bushes and, more recently, pumpkin vines grow there. We had three pumpkins growing there this year, but we waited too long to cut the other two and they grew mold and ended up rotting a little bit. But the one survivor is cute and round and perfectly orange, and just right for a jack o'lantern.

Mom, much to our annoyance, insisted on taking one last picture of us on the steps before we left. Like a mom anywhere in the world, I'm willing to bet, she took one look at the gathering clouds and the slight drizzle outside and asked whether we were sure that we didn't want to wear coats, but we groaned and insisted we didn't need any. She relented eventually, but not without significant attempts to encourage us to just bring them, just in case.

Happy Halloween everyone! Did you go for some tricks or treats last night?

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!

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