Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hey everyone! Yesterday, of course, was Christmas, and Zoe and I both had a really great day! I would have posted yesterday, but present-opening took most of the morning, and the family walk we took through the snowy woods took most of the afternoon. When we got back, I wanted to help Mom cook dinner, and then we all wanted to watch a Christmas-y movie, so by the time I actually was starting to consider blogging, it was time for bed.

Zoe woke up first, as always, and shook me awake excitedly as soon as she had lowered herself from her top bunk. I groaned and swatted at her to get her to leave, but she wouldn't until I had climbed out of bed and assured her I was awake.
We tiptoed downstairs, rather groggily on my part, making sure not to wake up Mom and Dad. The agreement was that we could open our stockings before they were awake, but we had to wait until after breakfast to open the presents under the tree.

"Hooray!" I cried - softly, of course - as I saw that our previously empty stockings had taken on several interesting lumps overnight.

We sat down at the foot of the woodstove to open them. Zoe took her stocking by its tip and turned it upside down to shake out everything that was inside.

I took a more traditional approach, pulling the packages out of the top of the stocking one by one.

Zoe found a pair of black-and-white mittens, two candy canes, and a bead kit with some sports-themed beads inside her stocking. Sticking out of the top was a stuffed raccoon. I thought that Zoe should call her Rachel, but Zoe preferred the name Rascal.

The contents of my stocking were very similar - pink mittens, two candy canes, and a bead kit with dolphin beads. I had a stuffed purple teddy bear in mine, though, instead of a raccoon. I think I'll call her GrapeJuice.

After a breakfast of homemade Belgian waffles (with butter and maple syrup and chocolate chips and fresh fruit - yum!), Zoe and I went into the family room, plunked down in our beanbags, and got ready to open the presents underneath the tree.

The first ones we opened were the ones that we had made for each other. I had wrapped Zoe's present very carefully, with an elegant golden ribbon and green tissue paper. Zoe's gift to me was rather crumpled and quite sloppily wrapped, but that was just Zoe's way of doing things.

Upon unwrapping our gifts, we realized with a shock that we had both made each other the same thing - scarves! I had made a pink and dark blue and white fuzzy one for Zoe, but she had made me one from scratchy brown wool, that was full of holes and lumps and bulges and dropped stitches. Oh, well. It was the thought that counted.

The next package I found under the tree was addressed to both of us. Inside was an adorable stuffed polar bear! I think I might call him Lazlo.

Sitting on top of a wrapped shoebox to the right of the tree were two unwrapped objects from our grandmother, that I couldn't quite identify at first. They looked sort of like two very large gumball machine containers. Zoe picked up hers and held it in front of her face to get a better look at it.

"Is it a snowglobe?" she asked, puzzled, as she slid her finger into the hook at the top of the object and lifted the glass dome off of its base. Inside were two miniature pine trees on a bed of snow, with a light dusting of snow on their branches.

I picked up the globe addressed to me and slid off its dome too. Inside mine was a tiny cottage with snow on its roof, flanked by several miniature pine trees and with a silver patio leading up to its front door.

The next present under the tree was also addressed to both of us. It was rather squishy - clothes, maybe? - and wrapped in blue tissue paper.

From inside the wrappings, I pulled out a zip-up red hoodie with silver seams. Cute!

I picked up and unwrapped the shoebox that our snow globes had been sitting on. Inside was a pair of maroon flannel cowgirl boots! Maybe it was time for Charlotte Tate to assume another alter-ego: the fabulous and fearless cowgirl Jackie Eberhart, who roamed the Wild West with nothing more than her trusty shotgun and beloved Mustang, Penny. Zoe rolled her eyes when I suggested this. She still hated all my alter-egos, especially Alexandria Beauregard.

We each took one of the last two remaining packages addressed to both of us.

In Zoe's was a Map of the World jigsaw puzzle.

In mine was a big stack of books. The book on top was Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, one of my favorite Christmas stories of all time! I remember hating the story when I was little, because I was scared of the Abominable Snowman, but I've loved it ever since.

Underneath Rudolph was a second Christmas-y book: The Night Before Christmas! Our family's old copy is falling apart, so it will be nice for us to have a brand-new copy for next year.

And underneath that was the Peanuts holiday box set! Hooray! It came with A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, and A Charlie Brown Valentine

I pulled out A Charlie Brown Christmas, which was my favorite one of the four, and started to read it. I love it when Snoopy decorates his doghouse. He's such a silly dog! I love Ginger and Shiloh, but it would be pretty neat to have Snoopy as a pet.

There were now only a few more presents underneath the tree. I opened one of the boxes to find a warm red sweater and matching flowered skirt inside.

Zoe got a new winter outfit, complete with a new sweater, leggings, a purple knit headband, and soft purple flannel boots to match.

The puffy blue jacket she found in the next box she opened went with her new winter outfit. It looked plenty waterproof and plenty warm - just right for playing in the snow!

I couldn't quite figure out what my final gift was at first. The tank top and leggings and sandals were straightforward enough...

...but what was the long, colorful, knit object that came with them? A quilt or something?

As I stretched it out in my hands, I realized that it had sleeves. And a collar. And - holy guacamole, it was a sweater! I immediately declared it to be one of the prettiest things I had ever owned. The colors were so gorgeous, and the fabric was really soft.

Later, that evening, after our walk and dinner and the movie, Zoe and I retreated up to the living room again to sit around our tree. I turned off all the lights except for those on the tree, and we leaned into each other as we listened to the carols my mom was playing on the piano downstairs and thought about Christmas. We are both so lucky and so fortunate to be able to enjoy the luxury of getting gifts on Christmas morning, to have parents that love and care for us, and to have a sister to spend time with.

Do you celebrate Christmas? If you don't, do you celebrate a different holiday around this time, or none at all? If you do, what are your favorite Christmas traditions? How was your Christmas day? And what are you thankful for?

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!


  1. Merry (belated) Christmas, Charlotte and Zoe! It looks like you guys had a great day! That sweater you got, Charlotte, is awfully familiar; I think Azalea has the same one :) It'll look great on you! I'm especially mesmerized by those sparkly and snowy pictures--they move!! That is so cool! I hope you guys have been having an awesome new year so far, and I look forward to seeing many more posts about your adventures.

    ~Dani ^_^

    1. Hey Dani!

      Merry belated Christmas to all of you at the Time Traveling Base too! I know what you mean about those moving pictures - they really are neat! I'm not quite sure how Google does it, but they just get added to my albums and they look so positively cool that I just have to use them :)

      Hope all the girls at the MTTB have a really great 2014, and that we get to see you all again soon!
      - Charlotte & Zoe